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Upcoming Events & Workshops

Creative Playshops

These workshops are an opportunity for people of all skill levels to come together for organized creative activities like dance, drama, painting, drawing, photography, writing, etc.


Participants all have a common interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity, and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imaginations. Our space allows participants to be open and curious, to try new art forms, make mistakes, make a mess, and lose ourselves in the creative process.

Lifestyle Workshops.jpg
Lifestyle Workshops

We are thrilled to offer, in an approachable way, specialty classes and workshops that educate, inspire and promote a balanced liefstyle. Our method emphasizes the sharing of knowledge and empower participants with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their health, wellness and life.

Entertainment Events.jpg
Entertainment Events

Our venue is thrilled to host specialty events such as live music, open mic, game nights, themed parties etc. to share and enjoy the talent in our vibrant community and have fun!

*Our workshops and events are facilitated by professionals in and around our local community, including our in-house specialists. Like you, our presenters are on a path of continual growth.

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